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南非藝術家 Marco Cianfanelli 去年在 曼德拉先生 50年前被捕的地方製造了一件甚為震撼的藝術品。藝術品以一根一根鋼筋豎立而成。藝術家特意創製了50支形狀不一的鋼筋,以象徵這位領袖被捕50年。


This amazing piece of artwork erected by South African artist Marco Cianfanelli, stands on the spot where Nelson Mandela was arrested 50 years ago. The monument is constructed out of 50 separate steel bars to represent 50 years since the capture. 

Source: Semi-Permanent, New Zealand’s Facebook

今年是曼德拉先生95歲之年,Mandela Posters Project 結集全球各地以曼德拉先生為題的作品,作為曼德拉先生的生日禮物。
How’s the world celebrating Mandela’s 95th birthday? Check it out!

In photos: Global tributes to Nelson Mandela

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為嚮應曼德拉日的主題- 「以行動及轉變令每一天也成為曼德拉日」,基本教育部為Madiba推行了 「94+院校建設項目」。該項目是為慶祝曼德拉先生94歲的特別活動,亦為國家的學校建設作出了重要貢獻。
The Department of Basic Education reaffirmed the Mandela Day theme “Take Action. Inspire Change. Make Every Day Mandela Day” by launching 94+ Schools Project For Madiba, a unique way of celebrating former President Nelson Mandela’s 94th birthday this year, while leaving a permanent mark in the country’s school infrastructure.

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The United Nations Messengers of Peace are distinguished individuals, carefully selected from the fields of art, literature, music and sports, who have agreed to help focus worldwide attention on the work of the United Nations. Backed by the highest honour bestowed by the Secretary-General on a global citizen for an initial period of two years, these prominent personalities volunteer their time, talent and passion to raise awareness of United Nations’ efforts to improve the lives of billions of people everywhere.

The Messengers of Peace, through their public appearances, contacts with the international media and humanitarian work, help expand understanding of how the ideals and objectives of the Organization demand everyone’s attention.

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